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Sollink - Logo Design

Sollink is a Delhi-based solar panel company which targets very specific audience of Delhi and other metro cities. They provide Solar Panel Knowlege and Set-up Assistance. Identity Makers also has to work on the creation of their stationeries and websites.

Based on the Client’s brief, the complete branding has to be decided including the font and color theme the company has to follow. The logo depicts a link between solar and energy savings and for the same orange and green color is used. It is also an “S” to keep the recall value of the design high. Ultimately, a typographic logo is brought into action.

A business card must also match with the companies logo style, therefore a green and orange strip is added showing the link.

The letterhead has to be simple to justify the formal deals. Keeping in mind the same strategy, the business card was brought to a simple design by the professional desinger of the team.




    Branding, Logo Design

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    Gunjan Jain

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