The Launch Screen

Introduces the App

The launch screen of the app introduces the users to the purpose of the app, its functionality and it USP. It is a very important part as the app is of a new type, which involves a lot of features which user may difficult to get used to.

The Home Screen

Click and Share

The main purpose of the app is to share your creative work with the other users of the community, so that, the other users can rate or give feedback on it. Keeping the main function of the application in mind, the home screen has to be what user is most useful for users.

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People ignore that design, which ignores the people!
Frank Chimero
The Profile Screen

One should know the community

The profile screen lets the users to know each other and see the work of users whom they are following. It also lets users know what is the rating given to the works of other users.

The Filter Options

Choose what you want to see

We have kept the app very targetted and if a user is willing to see only one of the categories, He can filter the other categories out.

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