Branding Company India speaks on Hith Yoga!

Branding Company India speaks on Hith Yoga!

The word Hith finds its root in Sanskrit meaning benevolence. First of all, it is about being ‘Hithkar’ which means “good to you” but not necessarily pleasurable. It formed the union of two mindsets; one coming from advertising and secondly taking up yoga as a way of living influenced a management consultant to spread the mission of yoga to people who were fighting daily battles due to the modern way of living. We developed the brand marketing strategy based on the company’s profile.

Hith Yoga is an Indian Yoga Delhi-based company, which deals in yoga classes and retreats all over the world. The client wanted a logo which is smart and very elegant with the minimum number of elements.

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We designed their logo keeping in mind the target audience (which is high strata of society) and their design brief. The client wanted a design that is elegant and abstract enough, so as to keep the attention of the viewer and in hand has high recall value.

Logo Design

The logo says Join us and we will make you realize your real potential. The color orange relates to spirituality and healing and blue is depicting calmness. We selected the font keeping in mind the type of logo and nature of the firm.

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Business Card Design

Keeping the concept and organization’s theme in mind, the business card has to deliver a sense of relation in the mind of the customers. A clean and elegant business card design is what the client demanded, and the branding agency in Delhi once again proved their standard of work.

Company Branding

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: Co - Founder Hith Yoga

Hith Yoga deals in:

  • Yogic Classes
  • Yogic Workshops
  • Yoga Retreats

Based on the various products, we planned the marketing strategy and worked on the creatives and promotional videos for the company. 

rafting expedition poster

Visual promotions also include audio-visual ways. One of the most high-end retreats of Hith Yoga is Jim Jungle Retreat which targets high – strata of the society. Therefore, the video has to give a feeling of calmness and jungle’s aura and spiritual healing. Based on this the corporate branding and identity theme is decided for the video and we came up with this video.

Social Media promotions have to be very engaging. The main issue we had is that the client was not having a video of the location. Therefore, we had to introduce another technique into the list, that is 2D Image to 3D Video conversion. This worked very well as customers found this really new and exciting.

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